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Pathways to Hospitality: in France, National Education meets Hospitality innovation at Lycée Rabelais

Wednesday April 10 at the Lycée Rabelais in Ifs, the Petits Plats Dans les Grands association, Thierry Lhuillery, Patrick Moutafis and Alain tambour and the Europe team of IFPRA Normandie, Justine Gonzalez, Lara Gilman, were received by the network of hotel high schools in Normandy.

The meeting was chaired by Annabel Durand, National Education Inspector in charge of the sector. Thirty-five inspectors, principals, delegate directors of vocational and technological training and vocational training advisors discussed the educational work carried out by hospitality professionals and training stakeholders through Erasmus+ projects.

An important focus was placed on Pathways to Hospitality. The participants expressed their strong interest in the tools created, in particular the Jobs on Trial method and serious games, as well as their desire to strengthen further collaborations.

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