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Pathway to Hospitality is an Erasmus+ project aiming at bringing solutions for the recruitment challenges in the hospitality sector in Europe.


  • Address the issue of understaffing and staff turnover in the hospitality industry. Hospitality suffers from this structural problem which was paramount before the pandemic and which has now worsened drastically since a lot of staff left the trade without any intention to return.

  • Fill in the gap in the occupational guidance offer with regards to hospitality jobs. We will work with vocational guidance agents, training centers and businesses on ways to enhance the image of employment in the trade by fostering the various opportunities it offers, by improving the image of employment drastically deteriorated by the crisis, by promoting the corporate branding of the trade for potential staff, youngsters in search of vocational project, job seekers…

  • Strengthen the cooperation between the vocational training sector and the businesses in the hospitality industry. The cooperation between the training sector and the industry is a key issue all the more as the combination of work based and school based learning (apprenticeship, traineeship…) is to be developed and highly promoted.

  • Promote the engagement of the trade in favour of sustainable practices and CSR. The project is based on the implementation of CSR policies of businesses which will include practices on the ways hospitality goes green as a decisive contribution to the corporate branding of the trade.


  • A serious game allowing young people and adults to discover the hospitality jobs in a fun and engaging way 

  • Jobs on Trial: a fun activity mixing role-playing and trial simulation to highlight a job's potential 

  • Hospitality Messengers: a task force of 30 professionals from the sector willing to inspire young people and adults into hospitality jobs.




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