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Active career guidance tool Jobs on Trial was played in France

"Jobs on Trial" is a simulation of a court hearing with the aim of getting participants to think about an occupation and to challenge predjudices about it.

Created in France (Le Tribunal des Métiers) and used with different professions, we are developing the method in the Erasmus+ project Pathway to Hospitality, which aims to help alleviate the pan-European labour crisis in the hotel and restaurant sector.

In 7th of February the project partners and invited hospitality sector employersp articipated in a training session for hospitality ambassadors in France.

The hearing looked real with costumes of the Justice, prosecutors and defense. We learned new details of how to prepare for and conduct the hearing.

For the method to be successful, it is important to work in advance with the learners, who can take part in both the prosecution and the defence side and develop arguments for or against the profession.

It is important that representatives of the employers or people who work at the jobs on are involved in both the preparation and the hearing. The Jobs on Tiral handbook stipulates that the final decision will always be aquittal of the job on trial.

The Justice (note that it's not called the Judge, at least in English) has key role in keeping the hearing in order and taking care that the arguments are related to the topic. It's still a gamified learning experience, not a fight that one side has to leave as loser. We had Jakub from the project partner 36,6 Competence Centre wearing the red robe and acting as our Justice.

The Jobs on Trial hearing on chef's and waiter's jobs was recorded. Stay tune for the video. We'll release it as soon as it's edited.

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