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The French Hospitality Messengers mobilize for a Jobs on Trial

On July 6th, the French partners conducted a « Jobs on Trial » event as part of the Pathway to Hospitality project. The event took place at the Arcisse de Caumont High School, in Bayeux.

A real-life scenario benefiting the Hospitality Trade

This Jobs on Trial took the form of a trial simulation aimed at challenging the attractiveness of restaurant-related professions. For various reasons, such as the need to work regularly on weekends, these professions were put on trial and questioned, as in a real court case.

However, industry professionals, including restaurateurs and trainers, spoke up to defend these professions, successfully dispelling the prejudices surrounding them. The verdict is clear: the restaurant-related professions are acquitted of all charges!

A European initiative under the banner of 'Pathway to Hospitality'

This Jobs on Trial is organized within the framework of the Erasmus+ partnership 'Pathway to Hospitality,' coordinated by the IFPRA Normandy. It was organized by Christophe, one of the Hospitality Messengers of the project, who also participated in the training session (LTTA) held in February 2023, in Caen. Christophe leveraged his network, and more than 70 spectators were present to witness this event, not to mention the trainees who agreed to play the roles of lawyers, judge, and jury during this Jobs on Trial.

We extend our warmest thanks to all those who contributed to the organization of this event!

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