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  • Alain Tambour

Upmarket Hospitality in the Times of Revolution

Corinthia hotel hosted our transnational meeting on November 14th-15th in Budapest.

Some of us have had the great pleasure to take advantage of the high quality service of Corinthia and its outsanding spa.

Upmarket hospitality has a stong appeal in the collective psyche of the general public, even for those who are not accustomed to this kind of service. Films, soaps, media … still convey its image and it also claims a very high business turnover. Its codes and values regarding the very special attention to their guests still highly influence the training in hospitality.

As we were told by the Corinthia’s executive, they are also facing the vocation crisis which strikes the whole sector.

On the other hand, the hospitality sector hits a kind of revolution which seems to cast down the traditional codes to deal with customers who have new expectations. The "Penguin outfit" is over now in many establishments, tattoos and piercing for waiters and waitresses are welcome which could also be a compettive advantage.

And the sector needs staff: diversity is a solution, no longer a problem. Vocational training should take this new guestwise approach into account. This option was presented in a wholesome salutary intervention by our friend Giovanni Fregonese from AJA.

Our challenge in Pathway 2 Hospitality project is to match tradition and new trends in hospitality!

Alain Tambour

Les Petits Plats Dans Les Grands, Normandy

POSTCARD: Grand Hotel Royal was opened in Budapest at 1896. Today it still conveys the glamour, codes and values of upmarket hospitality we all know from the popular culture. Photo:

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