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What is Jobs on Trial? Find out from these videos!

Jobs on Trial also known by its original name "Le Tribunal des Métiers", is a French-designed approach used in social and occupational guidance for different target groups.

JOT is based on a role play of a court hearing meant to put specific jobs or entire trades "on trial", presenting their strengths and weaknesses, advantages and drawbacks. Those involved play the part of the prosecution, the defence, and other participants in the actual court proceedings; stakeholders of the trade and employees are called to the stand to ”give testimonies” being the pros and cons of the job/trade.

As part of the Pathway to Hospitality project the concept of JOT is developed in order to support hospitality industry in attracting future workforce.

First simulated court hearings have been conducted. They give overview on what the JOT is about.

Video from Hungary:

Trailer from Estonia:

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