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The hospitality sector is both a rewarding and a highly demanding career choice.

There is an imbalance between skilled labor supply and demand, as well as to an overall poor image of the hospitality industry.

The project will create ways to develop a new
momentum in favour of vocational training and occupational inclusion in the trade by undertaking concrete learning actions with potential staff.

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Serious game
and guidelines

To enhance the standing of the trade and make young people and potential workers

"jobs on trial"
specifications and guidelines

A trial in where a trade is accused not to be attractive enough and
witnessing the defense.

Task Force of Hospitality Messengers and Scaling
Up Guidebook

Ambassadors of the trade will be ready to intervene in secondary schools, job centers etc.

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The partnership brings together 10 organisations (vocational schools, training centres, businesses and business associations) from France, Italy, Poland, Estonia and Hungary. 

A good heterogeneus mix to bring in knowledge and competence from different backgrounds.


IFPRA Normandy

2 rue du Dr. Fleury, Mont Saint-Aignan, France

01 45 37 07 59

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