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Three day’s training and commitment in Jesolo for our Hospitality Messengers

Very tight program to work on the feedback of hospitality messengers (HMs) in the last few months and development of a working plan until the end of the project and the sustainability of our task force beyond Pathway to Hospitality project proper lifespan.

One of the main aspects of our work in common was an overview of the implementation of "Jobs on trial" sessions in our regions: a lot of videos, tutorials, a guidebook account for partners’ interest in this approach. It was a great opportunity to work on the feedback of participants and facilitate the investment of new HMs in the toolkit already available.

Our trade is confronted to the necessity of improving the image of our jobs in the eyes of the public and potential staff particularly the GenZs who have specific occupational requirements. A strong focus was made on the necessity to have the appropriate communication clues to address our target, through very concrete exercises.

The first version of the serious guest was delivered by Mosqito. Participants paid tribute to the outstanding outcome and made suggestions for improvements. Many proposals were made for its use once the versions in each of our national languages are available and a working plan for experimentation was set up for each country.

HMs from Estonia, Poland and Hungary discussing the group work assignment.

The session was concluded by the signature of the commitment charter by new HMs.

Transnational partners’ meeting

The TPM led by Justine enabled the confirmation of partners commitment and the solidity of our partnership for the last months’ implementation of the project. Our work proved very effective for the utter satisfaction of all partners for this great project!

Many thanks to NET and AJA for hosting us so nicely in the beautiful Veneto region!

Project team with hospitality messengers.

Text by: Alain Tambour

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