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Position paper counters prejudices about hospitality jobs

Pathway to Hospitality partners have finalised the position paper that highlights the main prejudices about jobs in the hospitality sector and the arguments against them.

The Document is available in five languages:

  • English

  • French

  • Estonian

  • Italian

  • Hungarian

The document shows, for example, that even if you must work on weekends or holidays when other people are resting, the effort is worth it.

"Managerial positions in the biggest hotels and restaurants in the world are occupied by men and women who, in the past, have worked their way up through the ranks, working all kinds of hours and tasks.," the document says.

The project will create a concept of hospitality messengers who, as a representative of the sector or a vocational school, can talk about why it pays to work in these jobs. The first training o messengers will be in February 2023.

The position paper and the agreement to contribute to the activities will be the basis for the work of the hospitality messengers.

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